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    $CYDY conversation
    If you are not aware of what happened to Left, Citron and the shorts on Gamestop $GME today, you need to check it out. In August GME was at $5. Today it closed above $65 after reaching almost $77. Apparently, Robinhooders decimated Left/Citron and the shorts. Ironically, Left said that they "are investors who put safety and family first and when we believe this has been compromised, it is our duty to walk away from a stock." He is also reported to be turning people over "to the FBI, SEC and other governmental agencies.” Talk about hutzpah. How do you spell relief for these GME shorts? Bankruptcy, maybe. How to lose many multiples of what you "invested." Is this what CYDY shorts have coming? One poster on GME suggested that they should go after Citron's other short investments in other stocks.
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    🤑👍✅✅ MASSIVE $GME type Reddit driven Short Squeeze OF THE DECADE IS COMING TO O’ll RMO; Due your own Due Diligence & SEE💰💰💰💵💵💵
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    Ladies and Gentleman we are about to witness the most epic week in $BB history - I’m saying it opens $15+ on Monday and ends the week above $20. Stay long and wait for the squeeze 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

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    “Too many people hacking Citron twitter, will record and post later today. $GME going to $20 buy at your own risk”

    Ahahahaha! 🤡
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    Racoon of
    $GME conversation
    $GME Short sellers "were down $812 million in mark-to-market losses on Wednesday alone,"
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    $BB is the next $GME confirmed. Watch for a squeeze to the $20s upwards of $25 in the next week.

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    $NVAX conversation
    No reason for a 5% price drop; frustrating. They had it down $4 off the bat with only 500k shares traded too. I hope we stick it to the shorts just like they did/are doing to $GME. They have no shame.
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    Yahoo for Google
    $GME conversation
    The Frankfurt market placed a closing price of $GME at $34.40 (+15.86% Currency in EUR), which would give early US trading an opening price of $41.55
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    $GME conversation
    Looks like a LOT of insider selling on $GME. The sharks are circling... This could end ugly for so many retail traders.

    2.9 million shares sold on Friday. It may pump Tuesday, but the opening won't be as exciting as most are hoping.
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    $MMED.NE conversation
    dont forget to watch $GME. history in the making. david vs goliath. retail investors vs institutionals short sellers.... institutions are losing the war... they got caught and wallstreetbets are killing them
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    $AMC conversation
    BREAKING (one day in my dream):
    WALLSTREETBETS saves $AMC and $GME from bankruptcy by locking the float and creating a major short squeeze and all was well. LOL. The end.
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    Cocaine Cramer
    $GME conversation
    Hearing multiple reports of brokerages (IBKR, Schwab, I'm sure there are others) raising requirements or completely eliminating margin on $GME. Source says been on hold with IBKR for an hour, hearing that margin calls may be going out... and uptick rule til EOD Tuesday.
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    HEAR 3 million shorts tiny float going to look like GME shorts with next earnings domination $GME $HEAR
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    Palantir Technologies Inc.
    $GME friends dumping profits here also going in $BB , $AMC , $AQB
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    Check out pltr and gme on friday. Classic capitulation buying parabolic blow offs. Many stocks are fairly or slightly undervalued. People like me not just millenials are also interestsd way more in small caps now or new spacs as
    They look undiscovered. I get it i do. Wall st ipos stuff like airbnb in a rigged game. But $gme and $pltr proves the incredible speculation out there is in larger cap
    Companies let alone big tech.
    I also have a list of dozens of companies worth
    Billions which were penny plays 6 months ago yet have zero sales $nndm being poster child.
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    Long Live $GME
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    $GME conversation
    $BB is the second Lamborghini after $GME Dudes
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    $GME conversation
    Gamestop in Mexico, $GME.MX touched $50 today 🚀🚀

    Low volume for sure, but still...
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    $INTC conversation
    Sell this boomer stock before it drops again after earnings like always does and buy $GME instead.. that is where the real tendies are
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    $THCB conversation
    atleast my gains from $GME and $BB keeping me green