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Barrick Gold Corporation (GOLD)

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    $PALL conversation
    We just lost 30% of worldwide supply. There is less than a 30-day supply of Palladium in the world and prices must go above $300 quickly. When China recovers, $600-1000 an ounce is easy. $SLV $GOLD $GLD $PLTM #TSLA
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    $SGO.V conversation
    Ken Macleod of $SGO.V / $SMOFF interviewed to discuss Sonoro Gold’s updated PEA. Some really strong highlights. Mine to be in production within the next year.

    The focus of this updated PEA was to reduce capital costs, increase recovery and better the investment. As a result, significant improvements to the economics were made:

    - Increased pre-tax NPV of USD $84.4m and IRR of 74.9%, up 22.9% and 42.1% respectively.
    - Increased after-tax NPV of USD $53.5m and IRR of 45.6%, up 29% and 40.4% respectively.
    - Decreased initial capital costs of USD $26m, down 19.1%
    - Increased average gold equivalent grade in Years 1 to 3 at 0.58 g/t AuEq
    - Decreased Cash Costs of USD $1,206/oz AuEq & All-in-Sustaining Costs of USD $1,333/oz AuEq

    This doesn’t include the ~7300m of drilling that SGO has just completed. Assays are pending and expected in June. Updated resources estimate in July and in August SGO will follow up with a more definitive PEA done at PFS standards. Development of the mine is happening now and production anticipated within the next year. IMO this is a must follow story as there is significant upside ahead as it moves into being a #Gold producer. Only $17M market cap.
    Sonoro Gold releases updated PEA with positive results on Cerro Caliche Gold Project in Mexico
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    $EGO conversation
    $1,947 GOLD AND NEW Technical Reports for Skouries and Lamaque expanding resources:
    March 31, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Eldorado Gold Corporation ("Eldorado" or the "Company") today filed two separate technical reports for its Skouries and Lamaque projects (the “Technical Reports”). Further to the Company’s news releases dated December 15, 2021 (Eldorado Gold Announces Results of Skouries Project Feasibility Study; After-Tax NPV of US$1.3 Billion and IRR of 19%) and February 24, 2022 (Eldorado Gold Announces New Lamaque Technical Study Highlighting Significant Increased Economic Upside).
    $GDXJ wonder how much $GOLD would pay for Eldorado Gold now? They love copper with gold.
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    $PALL conversation
    Folks, I am bullish on palladium right along with the rest of you (especially with the LME announcing on Friday that they are reversing a previous decision made a month ago that allowed palladium from a few key Russian refiners of the metal to continue to be accepted). As of yesterday, now no new palladium from those two key refiners from Russia will be accepted. That announcement caused the 8% spike in palladium on Friday. I'm not sure if those two refiners account for all of Russian exported refined palladium, but I do know that Russia is the largest global exporter of the metal with about 40% of global supply. Yes, Nornickel (the single Russian mining company that supplies nearly 30% of global palladium) has since announced that most of their palladium continues to flow directly to auto manufacturers. But it nevertheless is a huge development that the world's foremost metal exchange (the LME) suspended any future palladium from two large Russian refiners.

    Now, this morning, there is new potential for still more bullish developments for the price of palladium. Namely, a call for a strike by PGM miners at Sibanye Stillwater to be in solidarity with the gold miners already on strike at Sibanye over failed wage negotiations on the gold front. I don't know if PGM miners of plan similar things at Amplats and Implats (I don't see why they wouldn't, unless there is success with wage negotiations)... But even if they don't, all these threats to supply are extremely bullish for palladium. That is why I am invested in the metal itself through PALL and not any of the individual miners at this time.

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    $BRYYF conversation
    $BRYYF Klaus says the 2nd hole results available any day now... Go BRYYF
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    $^DJI conversation
    Russia requiring unfriendly nations to pay in Rubles or Gold for their oil purchases. Russia also going on the gold standard, and the Russian Central Bank restarted its gold purchasing program. #BTC is being used in Russia. but there's no talk in restricting crypto use there. It's also difficult to stop Russia gold purchases (especially from local sources). Looks like the Russian survival plan is to use Gold and BTC

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    $BTC 5day: -6.46%
    $Gold 5 days: -0.13%
    $URA 5days: +4.2%

    I am much more bullish on Uranium than Gold than Bitcoin now.
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    $KGC conversation
    $KGC is a steal at current prices...

    Add another $680M in US dollars for a future acquisition.

    No debt, cash flow cow with a dividend.

    best #gold miner at this price, hands down!!!
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    $GOLD $USER 100Qarun
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    $AG conversation
    When the Roman Empire was in decline and debts were skyrocketing, they couldn't increase taxes sufficiently to cover their costs, so they debased the currency. But that decimated the wealth of the poor and middle classes. Those w/o #Gold.
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    $EGO conversation
    Breaking: "Eldorado Gold plans to be acquired by Barrick Gold leaked". Miningstockenthusiast $EGO $GOLD
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    $AG conversation
    #Gold and #Silver are back to their pre-war levels at this point, having taken multiple punishments from the multiple ends to the war
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    $NAK The World's Largest undeveloped #GOLD #Copper #Silver #Palladium Pebble Mine will be the epicenter of this #RAREEARTHS Resources ✅
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    Barrick Gold Corporation
    In this inflationary env low PE profitable gold mine like $GOLD would appreciate sooner than later. Compare to $NEM P/E 50 Barrick is only 20. Clear indicpation of buying opportunit for $GOLD.
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    $TWTR conversation
    now this very serious Tesla Inc owner Elon Musk revealed a 9.2% stake in Twitter Inc on Monday, likely making him the biggest shareholder...? but $3,000,000,000.oo 3 billion at 9,2% means he bought at about $34.5908589841431 YES $34 #USD per chare My suggestion is take profit as you see fit
    #TWTR banned more than half of their #Twtter user that they KILLED the Goose of the #GOLD eggs and frankly $TWTR value is about $15.5 at the most
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    $AUY conversation
    Mikhail Vladimirovich Mishustin (Russia PM) said the US dollar will be crushed. This past weekend, Russia went on the gold standard. Media not covering this development that has serious implications for our currency. What happens to the US dollar if Russia requires payment for its oil in gold? #AUY #BTG #AEM #WPM #IAG #NEM #GOLD #SBSW and others
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    $BTG conversation
    If you’ve paid any attention to the economic activity in the past months you’d know that gold is on the rise. But just how high will the price of this precious metal rise to? Is it a good time to invest in gold? @B2GoldCorp just hit a recent 3 month high! Anyone else predicting gold to skyrocket??
    #gold #goldstocks #goldtothemoon
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    $^DJI conversation
    One of the world's leading producers of Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) is Russia. Sanctions against Russia are already causing a boon for non-Russian miners of PGMs - #SBSW #ANGPY and others. Similarly, Russia produces tons of Precious Metals (PMs) each year - gold and silver. It is unclear how much sanctions are going to affect the PM market, but #KGC already suspended Russian mine operations in protest of the Ukraine invasion. PM buyers are voluntarily shunning Russia sources for their purchases. In essence, tons of PMs mined in Russia could be "off the market" like the PGMs mined in Russia. Such activity increases the demand for non-Russian gold and silver. Non-Russian based PM miners should benefit from this as the non-Russian PGM miners are. #BTG #IAG #WPM #NEM #GOLD #AEM and many others
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    As $Gold crashed in October -November, 1978, $NEM was 18% below its IPO price of a decade earlier. Many rational investors dumped their shares by then. Newmont would go on to 4X shortly after. Eldorado Gold is holding value.
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    $PYPL conversation
    NEWS FLASH! Gold is going to 2k next week. also #GOLD just raised dividends. ALL ARE WELCOME TO JOIN THE HOSSEY