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    $AMD conversation
    TSMC has guided way higher for Q2 and raised 2021 outlook. This is AMD ... expect AMD's guiding higher!
    "The firm forecast second-quarter revenue would be in a range of $12.9 billion to $13.2 billion, compared with $10.38 billion in the same period a year earlier. It also lifted its revenue growth forecast for 2021 to about 20%, versus an earlier forecast of a mid-teens percentage."
    PPS will get to new highs after the ER, higher PT upgrades from analysts. Yes this means $100+ within weeks! Read everything about TSMC just announced ER. Smartphones actually declined! HPC not just compensated for that but got higher that a year ago and tge usually highest revenues of the year Q4. Add that TSMC has given AMD 80% additional 7nm fab allocation, it's clear. No it's not $nvda which makes most of its GPUs at "8nm" actually 10nm Samsung fab. It's AMD. $intc has guided decline of revenues for the 2021 year while AMD guided 37% revenues increase this year. In addition we've seen PCs demand rising in addition to the laptops and we know massive datacenters expansion for cloud going on.
    Connect the dots, you get $100+ new high in couple of weeks!
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    $AMD conversation
    5+ YEARS OUTLOOK! I see $intc restructure its business to focus on fab manufacturing only, in the USA and Western countries like EU, Israel etc with significant Gov funding for independence of chips manufacturing national security goals vs relying on Taiwan and South Korea. Intel will sell its x86 franchise to probably nVidia as so $nvda won't buy ARM nor will it be approved as it's a UK national security and China too especially with China ARM CEO lawsuit going on.
    But in the next few years, AMD will rise especially as tge Xilinx merger get AMD to become the dominant chips supplier of the world. AMD's ARM architecture license allows them to make own designs compatible with ARM and Samsung has the financial muscles and fabs to fabricate such chips. AMD will grow significantly, render ARM licensing business mostly obsolete as their chips will have an intermix ECOSYSTEM of x86 pin compatible sockets, servers, mobile, laptops, PCs and added GPUs, FPGAs and other heterogeneous accelerators. Won't make sense for any company to do their own, even Amazon and Apple!
    So in the next 5 years, AMD is the stocks to hold all the way to $1000 SP. After many turbulences for Intel and nVidia, with significant SP decline, they could be a buy 5 years from now. If th above happens...Intel will be a pure fab manufacturing company at bigger size than TSMC after 5 years without own chips designs. While nVidia's only chance is to buy Intel's chips designs businesses, Mobileye, Altera FPGAs, x86 desigs to survive vs AMD. Intel's Flash storage will be sold to other company, it's different business than computing. Hence Bob Swan ex Intel's CEO, to stop Intel's dependency on x86, is the begining of the above long transformation, new CEO is executing with $20B fab investment, collaboration with IBM on fab technology, and starting an open fab business.
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    $AMD conversation
    New Microsoft announced Surfaces laptops BASHING $intc !
    "Microsoft wasn’t very clear on how consumers will know to pick between the AMD or Intel models. But it said the AMD models will offer better gaming performance and will be more appealing for people working with photo and video software given the boosted graphics. Part of that decision will be made for you depending on how much you want to spend. The entry-level model only comes with an AMD chip, for example."
    Ha... Microsoft has just advised to select AMD as Intel is second best! WOW
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    $AMD conversation
    Pay close attention to this AMD roadmap leak. If 5nm Zen4 comes out for Jan 2022 CES, it means EPYC Genoa is coming next year too! $intc is finished!
    "AMD Roadmap Leak: Major Platform, Graphics Changes Coming in Zen 4"
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    $AMD conversation
    It's clear $intc attempts to quietly change its business to become a pure fab player like TSMC, diversifying its chip designs x86 that have no chance to compete with AMD, and future ARM made by AMD too and others. But it will be a long and risky journey with $10s of billions spending not guaranteed to make a profit.
    New Intel's CEO continues previous CEO's move to stop depending on x86 chips only at a more extreme level. X86 could be sold in a few years, but not known if the contract fab business can replace the revenues lost.
    Why risk such adventures? Sell Intel's shares now, buy AMD is the prudent choice to fo as AMD has successfully transformed its business to become the chips designer for the world with the Xilinx's merger.
    Don't be fooled!
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    $AMD conversation
    A joke. .. so nVidia's has announced a PLAN to make servers ARM CPUs competing with $intc ... oh sure Intel's no ARM development. Competition is with AMD which has a lot of advanced IP in ARM plus the Samsung rDNA Exynos partnership on 5nm fab should be out soon. No, this is the typical BS that trying to get clueless retail investors to buy nVidia's shares. AMD has a long history of ARM based servers, developed their own the K12 and hold an ARM architecture license allowing them to develop their own ARM compatible CPUs just like AMD can do that with Intel's x86. I'm expecting AMD to launch ARM datacenters CPUs THAT ARE SOCKET COMPATIBLE WITH THEIR EPYC and use SAME IO CHIPLET as EPYC connected with an ARM 5nm chiplet from Samsung through infinity fabric! Do you understand how simpler it's to have the same server boards that could fit both Zen and ARM servers? Everything else is the same? With AND's engineering team plus Xilinx's there is no comparison with nVidia's just starting to develop an ARM processor product. Look at past nVidia's ARM APUs - horrible and stuck within Nintendo Switch. Plus some used for automotive applications. No nVidia's no talent to make CPUs especially compared with AMD. This should jump AMD's shares way higher, of course Intel's toast.
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    $AMD conversation
    IMPORTANT - TSMC's talks about HPC HIGH PERFORMANCE COMPUTING - NOT "DATACENTERS". Remember $nvda hasn't won any exascale supercomputers! $intc has won one, but they DONT HAVE 7nm TSMC's fab chips. SO MOST OF TSMC's recent ER talk about HOC is ... AMD! $nvda has a tiny part with Ampere! We know this because AMPER NEEDS EPYC ROME TO RUN! So we know exactly how many Amper system which are 7nm were installed based on EPYC Rome use in such! The following is a REPOST OF A BIG HPC LIST probably made by an AMD INSIDER to have access to such info! You'll see nVidia's Amper there too with EPYC Rome. But... TSMC guidance is MOSTLY AMD because HPC is dominated by AMD! See yhis list and read previous posts. AMD will have a HUGE ER easy new $100+ highs in couple of weeks!
    Marvelous7 days ago
    Supercomputer systems based on AMD EPYC chips (Genoa/Milan/Rome):

    # Version Announced Country System Descrition
    1 Genoa 03/04/20 USA EI Capitan/Lawrence Livermore-LLNL,EPYC+Instinct
    1 Milan 04/07/21 Japan KAGAYAKI, JAIST, EPYC 35,840 cores
    2 Milan 02/26/21 Sweden Dardel, KTH Royal Inst of Tech, EPYC+Instinct
    3 Milan 02/23/21 Spain AEMET, EPYC 50,000+ cores
    4 Milan/Rome 02/08/21 Netherlands SURF, EPYC+A100
    5 Milan 01/27/21 UK InstaDeep, Kao Data's Harlow campus, EPYC+A100
    6 Milan 01/27/21 USA Cheyenne, NWSC of NCAR, EPYC 2482 nodes+A100 82 nodes
    7 Milan 10/21/20 Finland LUMI/Snow, CSC-IT Ctr, EPYC 200k cores+Instinct
    8 Milan 10/19/20 Australia Setonix, Pawsey SupCpt Ctr, EPYC 200k+ cores+750 Instinct
    9 Milan? 10/13/20 Japan Earth Simulator 4, JAMSTEC, EPYC+A100
    10 Milan 06/22/20 Germany Mistral, DKRZ, EPYC 3000 nodes
    11 Milan 06/05/20 USA Anvil, Purdue Univ, EPYC 1000x128 cores+16x4xA100
    12 Milan 06/02/20 USA Jetstream 2 Cloud, Indiana Univ, EPYC 57k cores+360xA100
    13 Milan 05/07/19 USA Frontier/Oak Ridge-ORNL, EPYC+Instinct
    14 Milan 04/20 USA Perlmutter/Lawrence Berkeley-LBNL/NERSC-9, EPYCx3000+A100x6000
    1 Rome 02/11/21 Czech Tsubasa, CHMI, EPYC 48 nodes 7002+NEC Vector Engine
    2 Rome 02/11/21 UK COSMA 8/DiRAC, U of Durham, EPYC 360 nodexdual 64 core 7H12
    3 Rome 12/14/20 Bulgaria Discoverer, Sofiatech, EPYC 7H12
    4 Rome 12/11/20 USA Andes, OLCF/Oak Ridge-ORNL, EPYC 7302
    5 Rome 11/16/20 USA NVIDIA SuperPOD, EPYC 7742 20k cores+A100
    6 Rome 11/16/20 Switzerland Alps, Swiss National SCS, EPYC 7742 128k cores
    7 Rome 11/16/20 Japan Ohtaka, ISSP of U of Tokyo, EPYC 7702 215k cores
    8 Rome 11/16/20 USA Aitken 2, NASA/Ames Research Ctr/NAS, EPYC 7742 131k cores
    9 Rome 11/16/20 India PARAM Siddhi-AI, C-DAC, EPYC 7742 42k cores+A100
    10 Rome 11/16/20 Italy Davinci-1, EPYC 7402 38,400 cores+A100
    11 Rome 11/16/20 USA TinkerCliffs, ARC of Virginia Tech, EPYC 7702 332x2x64=41,984 cores+V100
    12 Rome 11/16/20 USA RedRaider, HPCC of Texas Tech U, EPYC 7702 264x2x64=30,720 cores+V100
    13 Rome 11/16/20 USA Mangi, MSI of U of Minnesota, EPYC 164x32=20,992 cores+V100
    14 Rome 11/04/20 USA Mammoth(HPC cluster)/Lawrence Livermore-LLNL,EPYC 64x128 cores
    15 Rome 10/20/20 USA Chicoma/Los Alamos-LANL, EPYC 7H12/76k cores
    16 Rome 10/15/20 Czech Karolina, VSB - IT4 Innovations, Technical U of Ostrava, EPYC+A100
    17 Rome 10/01/20 Slovenia Vega, IZUM, EPYC 7H12
    18 Rome 10/01/20 Japan Deigo, SCDA of OIST, EPYC 7702/456x128 cores
    19 Rome 09/29/20 Luxembourg MeluXina, Luxprovide, EPYC
    20 Rome 09/09/20 NW/SD/CD Northern Data AG, Norway/Sweden/Canada, EPYC+Instinct
    21 Rome 07/21/20 USA HiPerGator, EPYC+148xA100
    22 Rome 06/29/20 USA Bell, Purdue Univ, EPYC 7662 448x64x2 cores+MI50
    23 Rome 06/24/20 Germany Goethe University, CSC A+ server, EPYC 7002+MI50
    24 Rome 06/24/20 Belgium Flemish Supercimputer Ctr VSC,Ghent University, EPYC 7H12
    25 Rome 06/22/20 Switzerland CERN, LHC, EPYC 7742
    26 Rome 06/22/20 USA Selene, SuperPOD, EPYC 7742 556k cores+A100
    27 Rome 05/19/20 USA Azure Cloud, Supercomputer with OpenAI, EPYC 285k cores
    28 Rome 04/21/20 USA Northern Data AG, Texas, EPYC+Instinct
    29 Rome 04/02/20 USA Bridges-2, PSC, EPYC 7742 504x2x64 cores+V100
    30 Rome 02/20/20 USA GFS, EPIC/NWS of NOAA, EPYC 7742 2560x2x64
    31 Rome 02/17/20 USA Narwhal, DSRC of Navy, EPYC 7##2 290k cores+V100
    32 Rome - USA Warhawk, AFRL DSRC, EPYC+V100
    33 Rome 01/13/20 UK/Italy Data Center of ECMWF, Weather Forecasts, EPYC 7742
    34 Rome 01/07/20 Luxembourg AION, U of Luxembourg,
    35 Rome 11/28/19 China BJ Super Cloud Computing Ctr, A分区, EPYC 7452 6000x32=192k cores
    36 Rome 11/18/19 USA Expanse, SDSC at UCSD, EPYC 7742 93,184 cores+V100
    37 Rome 11/18/19 Switzerland Euler VI system, ETH Zurich, EPYC 7742
    38 Rome 11/18/19 Germany TSUBASA, Deutscher Wetterdienst(DWD), Weather forecasting service
    39 Rome 11/14/19 France Taranis, CNC+ECA, Meteo France, France, EPYC 7742 - 295k cores
    40 Rome 11/14/19 France Belenos, CNC+ECA, Meteo France, France, EPYC 7742 - 295k cores
    41 Rome 11/14/19 Germany JUWELS, a booster, Forschungszentrum Julich, EPYC 7402 449k cores+A100
    42 Rome 11/05/19 UK Vulcan/AWE, UK Ministry of Defence, EPYC 7542
    43 Rome 10/30/19 SPAIN X430A5, IFISC, UIB, SPAIN
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    $AMD conversation
    $intc yet to be launched Ice Lake is dead lol
    "AMD Ryzen 9 5900 & Ryzen 7 5800 Zen 3 OEM Desktop CPUs Launched – 8 Core Features Impressive Performance, Value & Overclocking Potential For A 65W Chip"
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    $TSM conversation
    SambaNova, AI chip designer are going IPO, big one. I just read that they use $TSM not $INTC to make the chip. If SambaNova goes public then TSM will be even more valuable to other customers. I felt good after reading that article today.
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    $INTC conversation
    Nvidia is up 3.09%, AMD is up 2.05%, Intel is down 0.28%

    Is is clear to see who is the king of tech, the runner-up and the old dying dinosaur.

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    $AMD conversation
    The $intc 800 pounds gorilla 2021 revenues DECLINE vs 2020: "For the entire FY 2021, Intel now expects to earn a GAAP revenue of $76.5 billion. Crucially, this metric falls short of the FY 2020 GAAP revenue of $77.9 billion by around 1.80 percent."
    This in contrast to AMD to have 50%+ revenues growth for 2021..!
    The reality is about to hit the fan, don't be fooled, Q1 revenues were up sumoly because AMD couldn't provide the demand so the second best people bought Intel but this changing as TSMC has substentially increased fab allocation to AMD hence Intel had to guide lower for 2021. Remember PCs has just been guided by IDC as having a huge increase for 2021! Intel's bust!
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    $AMD conversation
    This is unbelievable! Even though Microsoft is using last gen mobile AMD's APUs vs $intc paper tiger 11th gen, in their Surface pro 4, they STILL ADVICE customers to choose AMD over intel for better higher performance, and cost if using gaming, video editing erc!
    WOW Intel's Tiger Lake is a flop per Microsoft!
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    $AMD conversation
    Remember that TSMC's ER news aren't related to $nvda as mostly they don't use its 7nm fab, they use Samsung 8nm and $intc isn't making yet any 7nm TSMC's fab chips ! It's AMD !
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    $AMD conversation
    Why is Gigabyte updating their motherboards unless the 6nm Zen3+ Ryzen is closed to be launched? It's for Computex Taipei end of May!
    "Gigabyte preparing X570S motherboards, could be for AMD Zen3+ “Warhol” CPUs"
    Imagine what performance boost that will be. Not like the Zen2+ case because the 6nm fab use in combination ... say goodbye to $intc lol
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    Refreshed Rudy
    $INTC conversation
    Part of the $INTC punishment is because Pat Gelsinger thought he can lobby for $INTC to be handed monopoly for $INTC on US Soil ... bet he soiled himself ... when he was reminded that $TSMC and $NVDA and $AMD will not let it be...
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    $AMD conversation
    Gartner and IDC forcast huge growth of PCs this year. $intc meanwhile claims weak PCs forcast and guides a 1.8 percent revenues decline this year vs 2020. AMD guides 37% revenues growth. See? Intel knows they are losing market share. Now as AMD got additional TSMC's 7nm fab allocation no need to take Intel's second best chips.
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    $AMD conversation
    Check Xilinx's gross margins at almost 70% !!
    Scroll down to the bottom of the web:
    $intc gross margin at 58% and dropping;
    AMD's gross margin at 45%
    So MERGED margins could easily be over 55% accounting for different revenues weight. But additional savings from elimination of duplicate design and additional cross channel sales could immediately have a higher gross margins even before joint products. ..!
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    $AMD conversation
    Here's the great financials after the Xilinx merger. First, Xilinx's very high margins immediately averaging up the merged AMD margins. Second, Xilinx free cash provides AMD immediately capital to expand and design new synergistic accelerators, chiplets, AI, 5G servers etc chips. This without having any debt, closing any such remaining easily. In contrast. ..look at $intc .. after the $20B additional investment, they're toast huge debt just like the other dinosaur IBM.
    In addition, selling to each other's pre merger channels, will expand revenues beyond the sum of the parts.
    Remember this is the best time for the merger, while Intel's no competitive products to sell for a few years AND the datacenters and cloud computing go through major expansion triggered by the corona digital transformation of all life, work and study processes.
    Perfect storm!
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    $AMD conversation
    Looks like the 6nm Zen3+ is coming soon, perhaps for Computex Taipei end of May? That should offer additional boost in performance from Zen3 tweaks and the TSMC optimized 6nm fab. Which means that $intc has ZERO chance to match AMD. Remember, 5nm Zen4 in Jan 2022 for CES conference launching. ... Intel should close shop. Perhaps they want to move their focus to offer fabs manufacturing only like TSMC, without any chip designs? Of course their fab reputation is awful lol
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    $AMD conversation
    LOL AMD deep green in premarket, $intc deep red further sinking into the abyss lol