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International Paper Company (IP)

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    ImagineAR Inc.
    Guys please don't Day trade IPNFF. Hold it. Trust me you won't regret it. Shorts just got burned. The CEO has fantastic plans for this company. We just signed a 5 year partnership with the NFL Alumni with shared revenue. That's a huge deal. Allen Paul will be presenting again next week on Wednesday. I bet anyone that we get news again next week. End of Year $1 USD at a minimum. I advise new investors to look at the interview from yesterday it's very informing and a fantastic confidence booster. #IP LONG AND STRONG
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    ARHT Media Inc.
    this companys platform is utterly amazing. I love the hologram quality and the fact that they can source multiple people as 3d AR holographic assets from anywhere in the world and put them together as holograms in their custom AR Global stages. the Global stage concept is already gaining fruition and I can only imagine this along with a few others $IP and $NTAR paving the way for AR in 2020 and beyond, these types of technology are what apple, google , microsoft, snapchatz facebook, all WANT and NEED. this space will be growing weekly as the year progresses. AR is the new tech of the post covid world. this includes 3D assets(holograms), geolocating and geoplanting said 3D assets, virtual conferences with AR, and the marketting industry with advertisable 3D assets instead of 2d images for advertising. Folks this is the future of business. Augmented Reality.
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    $IP.CN bullish!! Shoutout to #PAULPICK2020
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    Jackie Dodson
    $IPNFF conversation
    AR will be integral in the Music industry soon . Both live streaming and events. Augmented Reality Will Be a ‘New Format’ for the Music Business. #ar $ip
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    $IP conversation
    How do I get back to the old yahoo finance format? This new one sucks.
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    Hey Eduard(Eduardo) check this one out!!!! Since June 21, 2020
    $QX 285%
    $NTAR 253%
    $IP 243%
    $SONA 215%
    $FNR 183%
    $GPG 163%
    $PLY 150%
    $GNG 155%
    $BYN 112%
    $ADZ 110%
    $RLG 100%
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    ImagineAR Inc.
    Going to buy another 20K shares on Monday. #IP is the way
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    $NTAR.CN conversation
    Check out ImagineAR ($IPNFF USA or $IP CSE) - Big news tomorrow!

    Register for the webinar on 9/24 12:30 EST

    They're a Microsoft Azure certfied Augmented Reality marketing company whose technology enables customers to build AR ad campaigns with little to no expertise. They are partnered with AI marketing analytics company Loop insights among many others.

    Some recent highlights:

    1) 4.5 Million cash on hand (enough for 30months operation without revenue)
    2) 5 Patents in the AR space
    3) Massive connections to the sports marketing and media world. (Gus Frerotte - NFL, Mike Anderson - HUGE MEDIA CV, Chris Dill - Portland Trailblazers CIO, and many more)
    4) Multi year deals totalling $500k with Wav Sports and Entertainment and SlapItOn
    5) Massive Immnenat deal is on the way with a major North American Sports Media Company
    6) Big news coming tomorrow (See twitter link above)
    7) University of PIttsburgh Joseph M Katz MBA program selected ImagineAR as a partner for a new course.
    8) Microsoft Azure Certified (
  • w
    $IP.CN opting to exercise those warrants hurt today. We can look at it negatively, or positively and say the news funds will help the company grow and increase the price of the stock. If nothing else, we can buy cheap shares today!
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    $IP conversation
    I hear rumors of a linerboard price increase....any truth?
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    $IPNFF conversation
    Can someone please take him from us?
    $SIRI conversation
    Verizon or ATT will buyout Sirius/XM. Imagine being able to provide free or massively discounted satellite radio with mobile phone service. Others will not be able to compete.
    $NEXCF conversation
    Buy Buy Buy Buy!
    QBR initiated by TM4G Investments.
    Quadruple Buy Rating
    $IP.CN conversation
    Don't be a fool. There's nothing being drawn up other than another pump fake news.
    Vystar Corporation
    Another OTC scam just like ImagineAR.
    $KODK conversation
    The Kodak Moment 2020 forever to be remembered.
    $AMZN conversation
    Amazon will split soon and send this stock soaring to overtake Apple in market cap.
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    Jackie Dodson
    $IPNFF conversation
    Apple $AAPL plans augmented reality #AR content to boost #TV+ video service SPONSOR: Imagine AR $ $IPNFF $ $ $ $
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    PAULSPICKS2020 with another one! Just want to say thank you to Paul. I love the picks, due diligence, and thought put into each one of his picks. We’re gonna ride the $IP.CN $IPNFF wave!!
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    $IP.CN seriously !!! 🔥🔥🔥
    Shoutout to PAULSPICKS2020 for the call
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    Jackie Dodson
    $IPNFF conversation
    The @IPtechAR Verified Forum is off to a fast start, with CEO Silverstein already posting answers to questions. This is the new era of smallcap shareholder discussion and engagement. See you there! $IP $ $IPNFF
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    $IP conversation
    Price of IP and other corrugated companies will be going up the next month or so... A price increase of 10% was just announced on Friday. Load up now!!!!!
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    $IP conversation
    I guess the Koch Bros possible purchase of IP is giving the stock a boost
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    $IP conversation
    Word of advice--whenever you see one of those "optionmonster" pump jobs either on yazoo or on CNBC--do the opposite or fade it.
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    $IP conversation
    This board is too quiet. Do you think IP's stock price will reach $50+ in the near future?
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