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The Kraft Heinz Company (KHC)

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  • C
    $KHC conversation
    $KHC consolidating, forming a nice bull flag. New pole coming this week.
  • C
    If 2021 is a recession because of pandemic, taxes, regulations, you’ll want value/low PE and good dividends.


    Oil is debatable, and I own XOM.
  • S
    $ACB conversation
    Kraft Heinz $KHC and Aurora Cannnabis $ACB have earnings reports/calls almost at THE EXACT SAME TIME tomorrow.... Aurora just moved their earnings 30
    minutes before... after adding a Kraft director. It’s happening.

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    $KHC conversation
    42.385 is where my math puts $KHC within six month recovery. Everyone knows the brands, you know what your buying. They put some effort into lowering prices on some goods for those in the arctic to help out. It's the little things. Read the transcripts, management truly put the voice of recovery and action together fluidly. It's good news.
  • A
    $BON.PA conversation
    Actually THIS should be one of THE stocks to profit from corona crisis. $^DJI $BUD $KHC $K

    Shelf-stable food!
  • v
    $KHC conversation
    from twitter. 3G Capital blowing out of Kraft Heinz $KHC tonite in a spot 18M shares. Well, they trying to get rid of 3G. First CEO, after CFO, and now Capital. But thats ok, Should be bought that dip.
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    $KHC conversation
    With earnings a week from Thursday, I like $KHC. Has a 5% dividend yield, Buffet owns a big chunk. Investors expect horrible news (expectations low). Stock trading at multi-year lows. Chart in extreme oversold area. It has all the makings of a bounce.
  • A
    $KHC Good stock for a covered call strategy.
  • P
    $^DJI conversation
    With $SHOP multiples $KHC is $150,000.00 stock.
  • v
    $KHC conversation
    What to choose? $KHC $TAP $MO or $BUD ?
  • C
    Theres nothing wrong
    With being extremely bearish on high pe
    Wfm or tech
    Scam stocks like $zm $tsla $ttd $roku here as valuations make no sense but shorting
    All indices into the hole here is a recipe on how to
    Blow up. I got $t $khc $ibm breaking out and the 3d prting sector down massively here and will likely
    Bottom quickly providing animal spirits thursday. 3d printer stocks are reopening trades but being treated wrongly here $ddd $dm . Also $xom $xle oil is overvalued here $bp short oil
  • N
    $NWL conversation
    $NWL and $KHC are terrific buys but not long term holds.
  • G
    $KHC conversation
    I know exactly that $KHC will be trading +$100.00 in 2020.
  • G
    $^DJI conversation
    $KHC is BREAKING OUT! Above $35.00 in a few days!
  • D
    $KHC conversation
    Steady decline since May; time for rotation back to consumer staples. $KHC with good dividend
  • D
    $SNAP conversation
    Year shooting up thanks to Evan, Dr. Su and Mr. Bezos. Trilogy of Leadership. $AMD leading the chip sector, SNAP leading innovative technologies, $AMZN position to lead the world.

    $TSLA rebounding and maybe Elon will settle down.

    Remain weary of $KHC and $MU but at least Kraft has Buffett support.

    Should be a strong finish to a drab week. Me and my little d will be at the strip mall today for a nice malted shake.

    Ring a Ding Ding!!
  • K
    KINGOAKS capital
    We also loaded up $KHC at $27.12. First Tgt $34. A good long core hold. Lots of smart guys can make it work. Odds r in their fav.
  • E
    The Kraft Heinz Company
    So much noise every day. It all comes down to filtering out all the noise. Long $KHC and $MO
  • D
    $KHC conversation
    There has to be an upgrade for $KHC today. Too many positive things they are doing. And the sales. Oh, the sales.
  • C
    The action is painful but its resetting the market and has taken out alot of speculation in sectors some which are deals here finally $aapl $amzn $shop $ddd $msft $nndm $qqq $khc