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Ferrari N.V. (RACE)

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  • B
    $RIDE conversation
    I know I post this a lot, Not about the $Race, about the $Ride <>Hub Motors driving on a Construction Site on Steroids' (40 mi @ Baja) and then driving 50mph on the way back to base. Great Results on Technology that nobody else is bringing to market.
  • W
    Wall St.
    Ferrari N.V.
    $Race can produce only 9000 cars. so their revenue is limited. They will have to increase a production in order to increase its revenue
  • F
    2018 Ferrari a 150 euro ad azione?
    una delle migliori in Italia,sicuramente rispecchia una azienda solida e ben vista dal mondo del lusso.
  • s
    $RACE conversation
    Downgraded by Citigroup Neutral » Sell
    Target Raised by Morgan Stanley Overweight USD 265 » USD 273
  • c
    $RACE conversation
    This is a 90$ stock.
  • H
    $RACE conversation
    After a world of pain since the are almost back there RACE.......not quite yet..........but may be a break-even might be possible soon. Congratulations on screwing your investors.
  • T
    Hmmm... profitable, reasonable market cap, no government subsidy needed, people lining up to buy them (but they're actually being delivered). Sounds like the Anti-Tesla. If they put a rechargeable battery in the cup holder maybe we'd hit $400? Or would it need to start hemorrhaging cash first? 😜
  • T
    How long until the secrets out???? Wish no one noticed RACE 🏁
  • N
    $NIO conversation
    NASDAQ futures and S&P futures going green too... could we finally be about to see the perfect storm for NIO?

  • M
    This is CHEAP!!!
  • r
    $CVNA conversation
    $Carvana, $Wayfair, $Autodesk, $Uber, $grub $wing $lvs $plnt $tsla $lyv $race

    Just some heavy debt and certainly profitless and very expensive companies ready to report more losses......
  • m
    $RACE conversation
    going to 85 by the end of the week
    and then 90!!!!
    this stock has a V12 engine vroom vroom
  • O
    $RACE conversation
    Way Overvalued
  • o
    $RACE conversation
    I think RACE to hit 100.
  • p
    pierluigi l
    ormai va de moda
  • J
    $LLLI conversation
    $LLLI .022 +0047 +27.17% Protection, Safety, Law Enforcement, Investment!
    The Time Has Come For - LLLI LAMPERD LESS LETHAL, INC #police #cops #law #safety #guns #protection #NRA #protection #lesslethal #murder #deaths #race #Ammo #lamperd @frontpagestocks
  • D
    Dirty Bob, Zombie Hunter
    Ferrari N.V.
    I bought at 46.59.
  • f
    $RACE conversation
    We seem to recall there were a couple of Doomsdays posting a lot of non-informed garbage about the ahem, coming demise of Ferrari. Does anyone know in what mental institutoin they are residing, now?
  • A
    Rated outperform by Credit Suisse with PT of $200
  • m
    $RACE conversation
    Morgan Stanley just raised the target to 100!!!
    go ferrari go