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Verizon Communications Inc. (VZ)

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  • G
    Verizon Communications Inc.
    Amazon is looking at testing a wireless service overseas, with intent to push into the U.S in a partnership with DISH. Dish acquired 5G spectrum and boost mobile in the Sprint/$TMUS merger, and is building it's own network.
    A DISH/Amazon partnership would have a major destructive effect on wireless carrier revenue.
    in May 2019, a report came out that Amazon was interested in buying Boost and $VZ and $T fell 4.4% and 4% the same day.
    now it is coming to fruition. Watch out.
  • j
    $T conversation
    I think Buffett trimming on Apple and buying dividend stocks $VZ and $CVX might start a new rotation trend. Trim high-flying tech and move them to dividend stocks.
  • C
    T or $VZ if I am opening a new position in one these?
  • M
    Michael J. Troll
    $GE conversation
    Gun to your head
    If u had to put all your money in one stock which stock would it be.

    $bac $amzn $ms $gs $vz $t
  • B
    $VZ conversation
    Starting my position in $VZ today. Not calling a bottom by any means but making 10-15% moves/investments to build a long-term position. The fear based market will calm eventually! The strong stocks/companies will survive.
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    $T conversation
    The difference between the media plans of $T and $VZ can be looked simply as renting vs. owning. Verizon is leasing content from other owners and paying them large fees for bundling while avoiding the instant sticker stock of a large property purchase.
    ATT on the hand bought a very large, well maintained property that it not only uses for its own bundling but also rents it out and collects fees to pay down its very large mortgage.
    I am still betting on the latter strategy for the future. Just like housing and the fact you "have to live somewhere", the adage of "you are always gonna be watching TV, sports and shows" also applies.
  • S
    it is important to point out that Verizon has a standing US Government support contract. Samsung is not an approved technology provider to the USG. They are an approved technical services provider. This means - in order to maintain its lucrative government contracts - $VZ 's pass through clauses will force Samsung to choose one of only two approved 5G technology providers: $NOK and/or $ERIC . This is a matter of law. $ERIC renewal as a tech provider was issued February 2020; $NOK renewal was June 2020. Keep an eye out for Samsung to make a subcontractor award to one of them, with the likely winner being $NOK - which has a standing large scale contact with $VZ already.
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    Verizon Communications Inc.
    I remember 1986 meeting wise old man in library while researching stocks. He explained to me about buying quality companies with PE of 12 or less....simpler times back then of course, but some things still hold true. PE of 12 or less with 4.5% safe dividend will Always be a true value buy. After our conversation I went out and bought #SLB (which he recommended at the time) and made a lot of money over the years before moving on from that stock, but his wisdom still resonates in my long term buys. Even in Market downturns, a few select stocks should be held as core holdings, while trading any extra capital for the swing trades. #VZ fits this almost to a T.....and that doesn't mean AT&T.
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    $SNAP conversation
    Another great strategic partnership. This time sought out by $VZ. Excellent partner. Onward.
  • M
    $T conversation
    The solution is simple. $T is too big of a company with too many parts unlike the one trick ponies of $VZ and $TMUS. Hence the archaic infatuation of looking at individual subs and micro analysis will ALWAYS find something to worry about in ATT's case even though the overall Cash Flow and Revenues are humming along just fine and in line.

    ATT needs to simplify it's earning reports and take off subs info and compile the +/- revenue into much fewer defined segments only on its quarterly reports. Just like Apple not showing iphone numbers.
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    Verizon Communications Inc.
    I wonder what statistical evidence VZ has for how forcing the closure of the yahoo $NIO board Will actually impact the direction of the stock. Kind of impressive that they've placed so much importance on it. $VZ should be broken up, btw.
  • B
    $T and $VZ getting big investors on board as they forge ahead with 5-G network plans. Legere remains Hamstrung.
  • S
    $FTR conversation
    The Mandalorian on Disney + = must get me one of those bull riders. Not the greatest 1st ep however it's OK for a star wars series start. I hope it gets better and better. ... We enjoyed it. Free on verizon for a year. Makes we want to buy some #DIS stock.
    $dis $vz
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    $S conversation
    Sprint has a great spectrum, which could be used in IoT in addition to Mobil communications. I do not see why AGs are trying to block this merger between $S and $TMUS Merger will strengthen both companies and will allow to really compete against $T and $VZ Only liberals would think that 3 1/2 companies is better than 3 lol
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    $SWKS conversation
    Bought in earlier today for the long haul. Already own shares of $VZ, $AAPL, $GM. 5G will be the next leg up in the entire world economy. 5 to 10yr outlook on all investments...
  • A
    Buying some June 5 Calls pretty cheap, $VZ 5G routers used $INSG , $CSCO should really look here
  • B
    $T red. $VZ red. $Dish red. $Tmus and $Sprint edging closer to new 52 week highs.
    DT has no leverage. 🐄 🔔
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    Ephraim Fischel
    Synacor, Inc.
    to me, this article shows a why that AT&T could or should buy Synacor, it shows Verizon is really a rival to AT&T in entertainment content distribution as well as the older industries. the article describes services Verizon will provide which are very similar to both what AT&T does, and as well how ut reaches out to clients like Synacor has in it's own portfolio of clients, the cable companies, distributors of entertainment content...

    Verizon Digital Media Services debuts 4k, multi-CDN and QOS capabilities at NAB Show 2019 $VZ
    Verizon Digital Media Services debuts 4k, multi-CDN and QOS capabilities at NAB Show 2019
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    $VZ conversation
    Look at the price your cable ISP is charging you and then look at the price and speed of Verizon Home 5G. Will $CMCSA keep their $180 billion dollar market cap when another company is offering more speed at half the price? I'm not sure if $VZ will be the winners of the 5G war, but it will be good to at least have competition in the high speed internet arena again.