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    $TWTR conversation
    Why KILL the Keystone Pipeline, bringing Canadian Oil in to the USA safely vs. MIDDLE EAST OIL? Also, 11,000 high paying USA jobs would have been created... Also, so MUCH money already spent on the pipeline project... GOOD LUCK driving you Electric CAR across the UNITED STATES... vs. filling up for gas in 5 minutes and on your way, with NO FEAR of finding a GAS STATION in AMERICA...

    heads up $fb
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    $FB conversation
    I am still seeing money rotating out of $FB and $TWTR and into other smaller cap tech stocks.
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    $TWTR conversation
    Countries will start heavily regulating or some even shutting down $FB and twitter. Bad move for business.
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    $FB conversation
    I am seeing Big rotation out of $FB, $TWTR, and $Goog, $Googl and moving into other tech stocks, my entire screen is in green. (Note: I am an independent, sold my social network stocks months ago due to controversies from both parties).
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    $AAPL will have a strong earnings report, if the stock goes up & up before Wednesday , it could be a less chance to go up after earnings, same apply to $FB
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    I just cancelled my $TWTR, $FB and $AMZN accounts. Next, im selling their stocks at 9a, im not waiting until 930a!
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    $TWTR conversation
    The good news for Dorsey is that when he goes bankrupt he’ll already blend in with the rest of the homeless on SKID ROW 👌🏻😁🇺🇸

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    $AMZN conversation
    $AMZN - Now that Amazon is being sued by Parler for removing them from their hosting site AWS for allegedly violating Amazon's standards, will they be inclined to remove $TWTR and $FB, two of their largest clients for the same reasons? People post violence and threats all day long on FB and TWTR.
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    $FB conversation
    Banning individuals and denying free speech by $TWTR $GOOG $APPL $FB will not be tolerated. It is the surest sign that big tech needs to be broken up. Consolidation and concentration of any type of power (power, money, influence) inevitably lead to abuse of that power. Ironic that GOOGs first motto was "do no evil." They may all think they are too big to fail. I guess that depends on how you define "fail." In my opinion, they just did.
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    $TWTR conversation
    DEFUND the POLICE they said.
    DON'T build the WALL they said.

    Look at the Capitol now.
    15,000 National Guard armed with M4 carbine weapons
    Fences everywhere to build a wall.
    They trying to keep people out or trapped inside.?

    $fb $snap $goog $msft
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    Stop Eating Bat Sandwich
    It’s Un-American to have an account with these 2 communist owned companies. $TWTR $FB
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    Stop Eating Bat Sandwich
    How’s the censorship working out for the investors? $TWTR $FB
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    Dumping all $TWTR and $FB stocks. Censorship=communism. No thank you.
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    Twitter, Inc.
    Now even more glad I sold my $TWTR end of Dec for some great gains as looks like it's going to be cyptonite to own it going forward. Going to now look at unloading my $FB as well. #timber
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    $TWTR conversation

    $FB $AMZN
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    $FB conversation
    $FB will likely pop big after earnings.
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    $TSLA conversation
    Tesla has a market cap of $800 billion +/-
    Facebook has a market cap of $700 billion +/-

    Facebook prints money by way of profit
    Tesla makes cars and sells carbon credits.

    I guess it makes sense?
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    Stop Eating Bat Sandwich
    Delete these 2 un-american apps. $FB $TWTR
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    $AAPL conversation
    All the bank stocks hitting high even in zero interest environment...industrials, cyclicals, materials, anything you name it- at 52 weeks high. Only big tech is sitting out as funds are rotating out of big tech. It’s frustrating to see daily decline on Green Day’s which is why we vent out. But we all know the big tech will have an average 30-40% yearly return in 5-10 years. The issue is most of us are short term investors. Hopefully, we see some strong buying next week during the shortened trading week and get ready for blowout earnings. $aapl, $amzn, $fb, $google
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    $TWTR conversation
    There’s about to be some BIG CHANGES coming down the pike for not only Twitter but $FB as well. These online platforms, along with others, have PROFITED off of the ad revenue generated for the spread of MISINFORMATION among Americans that has caused HATE AND DIVISION within our country. They’re platforms are being used as tools to organize MASS RIOTS all over the US. I’ve been against FB and Twitter from the very beginning. It was obvious to me what would come of all of this and in my opinion these “social” media sites need to be SHUTDOWN. There is very little, if anything, “social” about them.