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Under Armour, Inc. (UAA)

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  • U
    $F conversation
    Trader Pete Najarian Says He Likes Ford, MGM, Under Armour | $F $MGM $UA $UAA
  • V
    $CAT conversation
    My bad luck continue this year. It already wipe out 50% of my entire last year profit.
    XIV I lost $20K totally unexpected. And $SNAP and $TWTR I loss opportunity to make money (Combine I would make $35K if hold onto. I left with 50 stock each right now.) Only account doing great is my IRA accounts. There I am still up $20K for this year. 401K just gone back to breakeven.

    My $CAT long is now $12K loss from my 800 long ( After $30K short loss) Bad part on Long is I am not cautious as much as being Short as I can't loss everything and so not controlling losses.

    If I exit, at least other will make money because then only $CAT will go up :(. Not going to short again so May not go up very fast.

    My only hope now is $UAA and $FIT and I will holding them. $UAA specially should recover quickly if they show some growth return. I have 5K share there ( and short cover $15 calls for premium) $FIT I have 10K shares and I am hopeful that they will have good earning with Iconic watch and also I see long term growth with FITBIT brand.

    Hope those goes up after earning like $SNAP and $TWTR.

    If not I will write down all losses and exit completely on all stock (Sure will use calls and put to cover some losses slowly but very cautious way) . Might enter aftermarket calm and go aggressive long to make up all losses.
  • O
    $UAA conversation
    #UAA Looking good to the upside after some consolidation. Buy rating stands at 7 at 9trading. Watch it over 23.3 for a run up to 27.79.
  • w
    $UAA conversation
    UAA is good at producing overnight bag holders. In fact, even long term holders who held it for nearly 7 years did not have any gains while the market index has more than doubled during the same time. When a company crashes 20% overnight, it means it has serious issues, and not merely a correction. $UAA $UA is likely to go lower. So glad I didn't buy this when a certain investment service was telling me to buy at near all time high in 2017.
  • V
    $M conversation
    Exit Macy's completely today. I know it's still undervalue and given market it might go to $35+ But my all stocks that I stay in keep going down.

    $UAA just gone down I should exit when it reach $16+ but was hoping for $18. If market sentiment change, this might go back to $22 range.
  • S
    $SLS conversation
    So many hard hit stocks to invest in
    January will be a huge month for these hard-hit stocks. 10 riskier names to load up on, from JPMorgan.
    Published: Dec. 27, 2021 at 7:23 a.m. ET
    By Barbara Kollmeyer Follow
    Critical information for the U.S. trading day

    Come and get the battered high-betas. GETTY IMAGES
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  • o
    Under Armour: No Basis For Accounting Probe Fears $UAA
    The WSJ report doesn't support any actual accounting fraud at Under Armour. The company made horrible sales decisions, impacting the brand and requiring the cur
    The WSJ report doesn't support any actual accounting fraud at Under Armour. The company made horrible sales decisions, impacting the brand and requiring the cur
  • X
    Under Armour, Inc.
    I think what would really push Under Armour to the next level is that they need to expand outside of North America with Pro Endorsements....they really need to sign big name Soccer stars....i see they are moving more into the Boxing World but Soccer is the real play
  • S
    $UAA conversation
    Everywhere I look people are wearing UA clothing. Hopefully, their sneakers will catch on. Could be a very good year for UAA stock in 2017.
  • a
    Under Armour, Inc.
    would be interesting to see how many on here actually own stock in under armour or just get on here post negative comments. I own stock in it.
  • E
    $UAA conversation
    $UAA has been showing support at 20.47 and resistance at 21.96. Bullish indication in Stochastic oscillator and RSI, according to stoxline.
  • A
    $UAA conversation
    Upgrades Cowen Outperform USD 17 » USD 23
    Maintains Morgan Stanley Equal-Weight USD 12 » USD 13
  • P
    $UAA conversation
    I dun has been tellin everyone from hear to there to buy this dam stock at forty five. I dun tole them northurn aggressionisters to pay forty five and not a penny lesss, them dam fools. Fool me once and fool me twice and then fool me forty five times I dun was a teacher down here and now my students is all hanging around the Walmart parking lot looking for work or so they say. Alls I see is clouds of smoke and bunch of Under Wears hanging out of their pants. Oh lawd, I love money!!! Gimme Money!!! Make every dam thing in Bangle Desh!!!
  • R
    Kevin Plank needs to put his money where his faith is. If he thinks UAA is a POS stock and he won't invest in it. Why in the world would anybody want to invest in it?? What a manipulating loser. What a loss I'm taking. Hope Kevin enjoys the fruits of my labor.
  • B
    $UAA conversation
    I got a 10 year holding period on my shares of UAA. Easy money over that period of time!
  • g
    $UAA conversation
    Once negativity on a stock goes mainstream, it is actually top to back the truck up and load up. If you wait to long, you will miss the boat. So much growth potential overseas where Nike & Adidas are already saturated and matured.
  • r
    Under Armour, Inc.
    I'm waiting for this to take off soon.
  • E
    Eric Andrew
    United Airlines suck, lets sell under armor stock to punish them
  • E
    Eric Andrew
    $UAA conversation
    Have you guys noticed this stock went up in June and July every year since its IPO?
  • J
    Under Armour, Inc.
    UA does 13% of the business Nike does. valued at 10% of Nike and has better growth then Nike. How is Nike rated a better buy?