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    Garrett PD6500i Receives ECAC Certification

    Texas-based Garrett Metal Detectors announced today that its PD-6500i model walk-through metal detector has passed third party testing and has been certified to comply with Standard 2 European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) requirements. This performance standard, which was established for airports in the European Union (EU), is now recognized as a highly sought-after indicator of quality and performance for security equipment that has passed rigorous laboratory testing procedures.

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    Early Repurchase(s)

    LONDON, September 24, 2021-- ISINGB00B71J9R43

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    Twitter's Bitcoin Tipping Feature Could Be a Fatal Disrupter to Entire Wire Transfer Industry

    Every major bank or international wire transfer service provider has been put on notice. On Thursday, Twitter launched a new "tipping" feature for its Apple iOS users, enabling them to send dollarized amounts of Bitcoin to their favorite content creators for free. In actuality, it's anything but quaint for the banks and wire transfer services that make money by charging fees.