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    10 richest men double their fortunes in pandemic while incomes of 99 per cent of humanity fall

    The world's 10 richest men more than doubled their fortunes from $875 billion to $1.9 trillion CAD — at a rate of $18,700 per second or $1.63 billion CAD a day — during the first two years of a pandemic that has seen the incomes of 99 per cent of humanity fall and over 160 million more people forced into poverty. They now have six times more wealth than the poorest 3.1 billion people.

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    UPDATE 1-N.Korea fires suspected ballistic missile - Japan

    North Korea fired on Monday what could be a ballistic missile, Japan's coast guard said, in what would be the fourth test this month as Pyongyang forges ahead with new military developments amid stalled stalks with the United States and South Korea. South Korea's military also reported that the North had fired an "unidentified projectile" toward the ocean off its east coast. Since New Year's Day, North Korea has conducted three other tests, an unusual frequency of weapons tests.

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    UPDATE 1-U.S. FAA clears 45% of commercial plane fleet after 5G deployed

    The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said Sunday it had cleared an estimated 45% of the U.S. commercial airplane fleet to perform low-visibility landings at many airports where 5G C-band will be deployed starting Wednesday. The FAA has warned that potential interference could affect sensitive airplane instruments such as altimeters and make an impact on low-visibility operations. The FAA approved two radio altimeter models used in many Boeing and Airbus planes, including some Boeing 737, 747, 757, 767, MD-10/-11 and Airbus A310, A319, A320, A321, A330 and A350 models.