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    The blame for Fidelity’s mysterious GameStop oopsie lies with a firm you’d never suspect

    Which makes it pretty cringey to see that a growing band of retail Apes spent much of Tuesday morning ignoring the macro bloodbath across indexes and combing through what they thought looked like a fishy discrepancy on Fidelity’s platform, regarding GameStop. For pro-GME Apes who have spent 10 months trying to keep short sellers from getting their hands on GameStop shares — and going so far as to transfer their accounts to Fidelity and even direct-register them to keep them locked away — this was a shockingly high number of available shares, and well more than the 2 million that were available on Monday evening. Reddit low-key exploded with users speculating that the shares they had attempted to DRS were being lent out by Fidelity, or that the brokerage was misleading them in other ways, or that some big hedge fund had covered its short position (which was a tough one to buy considering the stock is now down over 19% in the past five days).

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    Pulmotect Provides Results from Two Randomized, Placebo Controlled Phase-2 Trials of PUL-042 Against COVID-19

    HOUSTON, December 02, 2021--Phase II trials demonstrate positive results for the prevention/ treatment of COVID- 19; potential to treat COVID-19 irrespective of future variants

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    Haglien has been launched as a masterpiece blockchain game developed by a Konami team

    Haglien can be regarded as the first BSC based decentralized gaming platform released by a traditional game developer.Tokyo, Japan, Dec. 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With the sudden emergence of the blockchain game industry in 2021, the development team in the traditional game developer Konami has officially entered the blockchain game industry. It is regarded as their first stop of Gamefi. Haglien is the team’s official debut work. The same development team has also produced many world-famous g