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  • The Wall Street Journal

    Israel, Palestinian Militants Battle for Third Day Amid Cease-Fire Efforts

    Egypt and the U.N. are pressing both sides to agree to stop fighting. At least 43 Palestinians are dead so far, Gaza officials say.

  • The Wall Street Journal

    High Temperatures Blanket Parts of U.S. Amid Continuing Heat Wave

    Dangerous heat gripped parts of the Pacific Northwest and central Plains Sunday, with temperatures in Portland, Ore., likely to top 100 degrees, the National Weather Service said.

  • SmartAsset

    Congressional Bill Could End Windfall Elimination

    The windfall elimination provision and government pension offset both can reduce the Social Security payments a public employee collects. But there's a bill in Congress, which has strong backing, that could eliminate both the windfall elimination provision and the government … Continue reading → The post Congressional Bill May Soon End Windfall Elimination appeared first on SmartAsset Blog.